Casey Electric is proud to be a Generac® Power Pro Elite Plus dealer.
Generac Power Pro Elite Plus Dealer
Air Cooled Generator

Air Cooled Gaseous

It was a dark and stormy night...
But with your Generac® automatic home standby generator you had nothing to fear. Generac® is the market leader in residential generators. Air Cooled Generators are available delivering up to 22KW of power. Depending on the number of electrical heat producing appliances they are perfect for houses or small commercial needs up to about 3400 sq ft.

We are a certified Premier Pro Elite Plus Generac® generator dealer. Generac® is the top generator available on the market. Be sure your ready for the next storm – don’t lose power.

Liquid Cooled Generator

Liquid Cooled Gaseous

When more power is needed, Casey Electric Inc has the answer with Liquid Cooled Generators ranging in power from 22KW to 250KW.

The Protector™ Series (22-60KW) is ideal for larger homes and light commercial uses. We offer both standard 2-pole and QuietSource®, 4-pole models which turn at half the speed result in less noise, less stress on the machine and greater fuel effeciency.

For larger facilities we offer the Commercial Series (22-150KW) and Protector Plus (up to 250KW) lines.

Diesel Generator

Diesel Generators

Protector™ Series Diesel Generators are available in sizes ranging from 15KW to 50KW and feature an aluminum, weather resistant enclosure and built-in double-wall fuel tanks.

With Protector Plus even more options and larger sizes (up to 250KW) are available. Schedule a consult to find the right size, enclosure, tank, and more.

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